Donna Minkowitz’s second memoir, Growing up Golem, will be out September 2013 from Magnus Books. It combines approximately 87% true memoir with the fantasy that instead of giving birth to her, her mother actually created her as a golem, an enchanted clay servant from Jewish legend. You can read more about it here.

She won a Lambda Literary Award  for her first book, Ferocious Romance: What My Encounters with the Right Taught Me about Sex, God and Fury.  A former feature writer and columnist for the Village Voice, she has also written for the New York Times Book Review, Salon, The Nation, New York magazine and Newsday.


Minkowitz once disguised herself as a 16 year-old, Christian evangelical boy to write about the Promise Keepers for Ms.

She is a former national political columnist for The Advocate.

Media inquiries: Cathy Renna at Renna Communications, cathy AT rennacommunications.com

Literary agent: Valerie Borchardt at Georges Borchardt, Inc.

Contact: Minkowitz AT EarthLink.net

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“Poetry is news that stays news.” — Ezra Pound

2 responses to “About

  1. Wow Donna! Your blog is outstanding!! In the midst of my morning ritual to arrive on time for the day job, but I can’t wait to sit and read every word of your wonderful and so engaging work. Big gentle hug.

    Big Fan! Angela

  2. Oh man, thanks so much, Angela! Your comment made my day.

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